Friday, 5 February 2010

ADMIRAL public code repository established

We have finally created a public code repository for the ADMIRAL project. It is at

We had put off establishing a code repository for ADMIRAL until we had a clearer view of the requirements:

  • Should it be public, or private?  If we are using the repository for user-related information, then a public repository is not appropriate.  In any case, changes to Shuffl performed as part of the ADMIRAL project will be maintained within the Shuffl project (
  • What kind of version management is required? We had in mind to use Mercurial, for reasons mentioned elsewhere (, but did not want to commit in case any specific reasons to use a different versioning system were discovered.

Over the past couple of weeks, we have been investing some effort into configuring Samba, Apache and WebDAV to work with Kerberos authentication (  It seems that what we are doing with Kerberos is (a) pushing at the boundaries of what is commonly deployed and documented, and (b) something that a number of people have asked about doing, so we felt it was time to put some of the things we are learning into public view.

We've chosen a Google Code project ("admiral-jiscmrd", as "admiral" was already taken) and have decided to go with the original plan of using Mercurial version management.

The initial content of the public code repository is a set of scripts and configuration files we are developing to automate the assembly of a virtual machine image for file sharing and web access with access control linked to a Kerberos SSO authentication infrastructure (in our case, Oxford University's).

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