Tuesday, 27 April 2010

WebDAV and Javascript same-origin violations

We've noticed some strange problems using WebDAV to access a server running on the local development machine (i.e. "localhost"). We're using Ajax code running in Firefox to issue the WebDAV HTTP requests, and an APache 2.2 server running mod_dav, etc., to service them. We're using a combination of FireBug and Wireshark to monitor HTTP traffic.

The immediate symptom we see is is that the HTTP requests using methods other than GET or POST (specifically DELETE and MKCOL) are being rejected with access-denied errors without being logged by FireBug. But looking at a Wireshark trace, what we see is an HTTP OPTION request and response, with no further HTTP exchange for the operation requested.

What appears to be happenning is that the HTTP OPTION request is being used to perform "pre-flight" checking of a cross-origin resource sharing request, per http://www.w3.org/TR/access-control/, which is being refused by the server's response.

This was puzzling for us in two ways:

  1. That a request to localhost was being rejected in this way, and
  2. The use of the cross-origin sharing protocol, which is performed "under the hood" by recent versions of Firefox.

The rejection of localhost requests is not consistent: on a MacBook, the request is allowed (still using Firefox and Apache), but on some Ubuntu systems it is refused. When the request is refused, the workaround is to send it explicitly to the fully qualified domain name rather that just "localhost". (This is a bit of a pain as it means our test cases are not fully portable, and I'm hoping we can later find an Apache configuration option to allow this level of resource sharing.)


It turns out that the above "observation" is a complete red herring. We had failed to notice that the web page was being loaded using the full domain name of the host, rather than http://localhost/.... When a URI of the form http://localhost/... is used to load the HTML page that invokes the Javascript code, then WebDAV access to localhost works just as expected.

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