Friday, 7 May 2010

mod_dav, do we have a problem?

Tracking down a strange bug this morning, using Javascript code in FireFox+FireBug against Apache 2.2 and mod_dav. My test code does a PUT soon followed by a HEAD to the same URI (part of logic that tests to see if the file just created actually exists). But the HEAD command returns inconsistent results: sometimes 404, sometimes not, running the same test suite with no other changes. I did manage to see the incorrect sequence in a Wireshark trace, so I think that lets FF off the hook here.

A simple, but dubious, workaround is to put a 100ms delay in the test suite after initially creating the test fixture data; now all tests run fine, repeatedly.

I still find that FireFox can be a bit inconsistent in the time it takes to do things (garbage collection?), so some tests time out occasionally, but I can live with this.

Using: MacOS 10.5 and 10.6, Apache 2.2 (XAMPP distribution), Firefox 3.5.7, jQuery 1.4.2

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