Friday, 12 November 2010

ADMIRAL Sprint 14 review

A review of sprint 14 can be see at

Progress has been quite satisfying, with several scheduled activities completed, and more progress than planned on the ADMIRAL-to-Databank dataset submission tool,  all in spite of experiencing a disk failure on one of our servers that took about 1.5 days effort to recover. This is balanced by less-than-planned progress on deploying ADMIRAL for the Development Group, and not yet having researcher feedback on the dataset submission interface.

We are still awaiting a finalized Databank API test suite.

A new ADMIRAL instance for the Evolutionary Development has been built and deployed, but has not yet been finally configured and handed over for use by them.

We have a functional dataset submission tool and web interface, but there are some significant usability problems that need to be adddressed before we want to consider showing it to researchers. This remaining work is mainly in the area of dataset selection, and the required server components have been developed and tested: it just remains to update the web page to use the new capabilities.

As intended, we completed work to revise the ADMIRAL local store test suite, before scheduling the sprint reviewed here.

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