Friday, 21 January 2011

ADMIRAL Sprint 16

We have just completed our review of Sprint 16:
This was the first sprint in Phase 2 of the project.  For phase 2, our focus will be to consolidate and extend the ADMIRAL deployments with research groups, and to ensure that we can continue to support them and thereby gain greater understanding of local-level data management concerns through other projects to be conducted over the coming years.

Much of our effort in this sprint has ben focused on deployed system quality improvements that allow us to confidently roll out further ADMIRAL deployments, and in particular to separate configuration data from from the deployed system software so we can update the software without too much disruption to the ADMIRAL users.

Specific enhancements completed in this sprint include: 
  • Dataset repository submission tool usability enhancements
  • Improved deployment scripts to facilitate software updates
  • Improved test suite and generally improved system robustness
  • Tested ADMIRAL with a new departmental storage server
With these quality improvements mostly completed, our next immediate goal will be to extend the use of ADMIRAL by our research users.

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