Tuesday, 6 July 2010

ADMIRAL Sprint 8 Review

Project activity has been impacted by unplanned staff absences, but useful progress has been made on a number of technical fronts. Interaction with Library Services to develop the data repository service has been going well, and we look forward to rapid progress in this area. Work to add RDF serialization to Shuffl is under way. Rolling out ADMIRAL data stores to additional research groups has been stalled.

This review is being posted nearly a week later than planned, so includes a period not covered by the original sprint plan.

Summary of achievements this sprint:
  • project partner and OULS meetings
  • attendance at JISC TransferSummit meeting
  • brief project description for D-Lib magazine
  • Shuffl WebDAV file browsing implemention complete
  • RDFDatabank access
  • RDFDatabank initial test suite
  • negotiating revisions to RDFDatabank API in light of experience
  • started on RDF serialization for Shuffl

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