Monday, 19 July 2010

ADMIRAL Sprint 9 review and Sprint 10 planning

The review of sprint 9 has been published at The main achievements for this sprint were:
  • a very useful project partner meeting
  • substantially completed the Databank test suite, except for tests dealing with metadata merging
  • started work on RDF serialization for Shuffl, via JRON
  • initial page to display RDFDatabank contents - using jQuery and rdfQuery to create a user display from RDF data
  • brief project description published in D-Lib
We start sprint 10 with the unfortunate news that our second developer is resigning with immediate effect to attend to family commitments.  This will certainly impact achievements in the coming weeks, though we hope to maintain forward progress while we investigate and put in place alternative arrangements. This will surely test our risk assessment claim that an agile approach to development helps to mitigate staffing-related risks!

The planning notes and plan for sprint 10 are at:
Out focus for the next sprint will be:
  • RDF Databank test cases for metatada merging
  • finish RDF Databank web page to display dataset details
  • progress deployment of ADMIRAL data store with other research groups
  • progress RDF/XML serialization for Shuffl data

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