Friday, 19 March 2010

Meeting with Silk Group researcher

Held a meeting today with CH of the Silk Group. This was partly a follow-up from the data surveys, and partly to prepare for our first live LSDS deployment. There were (mercifully) few surprises, the main points noted being:

  • Expectations for usability of access control interface set by Lacie NAS box that the group currently use. For the time being we'll configure the users manually, and later we'll look into UI for creating and modyfing LDAP entries.
  • File sharing with automatic backup is an important advance in functionality over bare NAS.
  • Desirability/priority of looking at automatic harvesting to LSDS is raised by our discussions; we will raise the priority of looking at solutions for this. (We've already tried to deploy the Fascinator "Watcher", but that didn't work for us. Another promising option is iFolder,)

Meeting notes are at

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