Monday, 8 March 2010

Sprint 5 plan

The ADMIRAL sprint 5 plan has been posted at

Notes from the planning meeting are at

Notes from sprint 4 retrospective meeting are at The summary position for this sprint is:

Good progress was made on a number of fronts, with all but two tasks (i.e. DropBox testing and databank submission metadata requirements) completed to the point of allowing further progress. But getting all the security features to work exactly as intended is still proving tricky. A good start has been made on automated testing of the LSDS features. For the next sprint, we aim to use the progress so far (LDAP for authentication and authorization), focus on a first live deployment, and start to think about basic annotation of datasets.
The value of pair working and group working is showing itself. The web site blitz set out to create a published web site, and that was achieved in a day. Pair working has helped us to get up and running quickly (e.g. setting up the test framework). But GK needs to back off unplanned involvement until asked!
We've also held the first of a series of one-to-one meetings with our research users, notes of which are posted in the project wiki. The main purpose of these meetings has been to clarify and extend the information gleaned from the initial data audit surveys, especially with respect to understanding their requirements regarding data volumes and frequency of access. The meetings have been kept short and sweet, as we don't want the researchers to feel that we're eating into their valuable time whenever we ask for a meeting.

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